My name is Ibtissem and I come from a city that is 25 km from Milan in Italy.
I chose this project because I wanted to live a long-term experience abroad and give myself a time to help someone. I chose the Gigos project because I share the goals.

I’ve been living this adventure for almost 5 months, the first few months have been quite chaotic, new habits and lots of names and places to remember; having to settle in a new place where you do not know the language was my biggest issue, even if everyone practically here have a good level of English.

After this first moment of adaptation I could finally begin to appreciate this experience in which every day, sometimes without even realizing it, I learn something new and interesting. I carry out activities with children from 6 to 10 years and with girls from 11 to 16 years and this allows me to be able to organize and take part in various activities from the most creative or simply play with children to those a little more educational with girls.